The Autumn/Winter lookbook features this season’s favorite re-sell picks from the warm and yummy berry colors of fall, to the cool neutrals and unexpected pastels of winter. Cozy up this fall with a few of Fort Lily’s hand–picked favorites by viewing the exciting behind-the-scenes video, download the inspiring e-edition of the lookbook, peruse the gallery below for a look at this season's selects, or subscribe to get your exclusive reminder ahead of Fort Lily's exciting New Year’s Day release! Stay warm with us.

We would like to thank Morgan Lovell for her outstanding makeup artistry, Nader Aboulhosn for his brilliant behind-the-scenes coverage, Hali Shepard our loving and dedicated assistant, and prop assistants Amber Johnson and Tiera Thompson.

Models (in order of appearance below): Aria Johnson, Paris Williford, Kristy Sims and Kaelyn McIver.