Layer up! 5 Ways to Bundle Up in STYLE!

Did you run out and thrive in the snow this weekend? We sure did! Before it turned into ice, of course. You can totally stay stylish when it's brisk out, and we did just that by adding layers on layers on layers! Check out these 4 fun mismatched looks modeled by our XOLA Interiors friend Paris Williford.

4 Ways to Turn a Men's Shirt into a Statement!

Beyond our service to the everyday woman, Fort Lily serves to relieve the pressure on the overabundance of clothing already in the world by reusing, re-purposing, or re-fashioning pieces we can purchase second hand!

The November re-stock included tons of prints, colors and textures, so we clung to the clean lines and deep neutrals of men’s slacks and button ups to highlight this season’s outerwear.

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Style Story: Lily in Philly & DC

We were away rocking out at the Made in America Festival late this summer when we decided to take an hour between shows to do some quick resell shopping at a vintage dealer in the city. On the way home we stopped in D.C. to do a little sight-seeing, eating and of course, SHOOTING!

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Meet the SHE.IS. Event Squad!!

When building teams I believe that experience is subjective; Passion for what you want is all the experience I require: Give the person the tools they need and let them RUN with it. Some of the women on the SHE.IS. team are fresh out of the gate while some are seasoned in role. 

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Are you SHE?

At the very beginning, we knew Fort Lily needed to be more than your average resell brand. There are so many ambassadors, bloggers, businesses and organizations that encourage sisterhood and women-for-women support.

Fort Lily in NYC!

800 women-founded companies applied. 150 was chosen. Fort Lily was in that number. UBS Financial Services and multi-million dollar "fashion-hacker" Rent the Runway came together to host Project Entrepreneur Venture Competition: a weekend intensive where women-led businesses gain the tools and insights to run bigger, better companies. Fort Lily was among women of EVERY variety: tech, sports science, fashion, health, beauty, engineering and so much more. In the end, the 10 ventures chosen would pitch to win $10,000 cash and a 5-week intensive to grow their venture. Business cards flew, names were dropped, notes and ideas were exchanged, but most importantly, valuable friendships and partnerships were made. Here's an exclusive look at the Class of 2016.

Thank You for a Wonderful First Season!

The overflow of support you all have extended to Fort Lily and the brand's unwavering message of inclusion, femininity and sisterhood has been overwhelming! We believe so strongly in the power of real women and what we can accomplish when we put our powers together. Though Fort Lily is small in stature, our ambitions are HIGH.

Style Story: Curve

Fort Lily was built on the foundation that every woman is worthwhile and beautiful—no one gets left out: not for color, not for height, not for background and certainly not for size.  We heard you Lilys loud and clear: you want to see if our pieces are as well-rounded as you are! Jessica Mouzon, Yakeeta Carr and Amelia Bailey added their grace and personal style to pieces we already have in stock for this curve-inspired Style Story!