Style Story: Curve


Fort Lily was built on the foundation that every woman is worthwhile and beautiful—no one gets left out: not for color, not for height, not for background and certainly not for size.  We heard you Lilys loud and clear: you want to see if our pieces are as well-rounded as you are! Jessica Mouzon, Yakeeta Carr and Amelia Bailey added their grace and personal style to pieces we already have in stock for this curve-inspired Style Story!

Amelia & "Ayana"

If we could bottle and sell confidence, we'd get our stock from Amelia Bailey and make her the brand's spokeswoman. Her fierce confidence, sweet demeanor, staunch advocacy for body positivism made her a clear choice for this week's Style Story.

Yakeeta & "Totten"

Graciousness is a noble trait. When Yakeeta Carr was approached to participate in the curvy Style Story her immediate reaction was genuinely grateful excitement. Her exuberant spirit and fiery hair makes Totten's bold blue POP!

Jessica & "Naomi"

Many of you Lilys were worried about fit, and as always, we encourageyou to use your bust size to determine whether or not a piece is right for you. Naomi was the perfect match for Jessica's shape and unwavering and confident cool.