You Have An Idea...Now What?

Imagine you woke up one morning with a treasure map on your pillow. If you’re anything like me you'd jump out of bed and tell your sister to feed your cat while you’re gone because you’ve got a treasure to find.

We’re all built with the lightning rods to receive a bright idea, but sometimes the toughest part is figuring out where to start.

Here are three tips to get you started when the universe puts a little energy in your lightbulb:

1.       Write down all your questions then research your answers: “What does my logo’s color scheme say about my brand?” “Is downloading this font illegal?” “What is a mission statement?”—anything! Everything! Write more questions and tackle more answers. You will spend countless hours falling through rabbit hole after rabbit hole of research. GOOD. That means you’re becoming an expert on all the layers which is a major confidence builder.

2.       Find two people: If you’re lucky, this person will come as a package deal (spoiler: they usually do).

a.       A successful person whose work you admire: quality is what will draw people to your work. It doesn’t’ matter if you’re selling designer bags or thumbtacks, having a person whose superpower is discernment will take you far. Ask this friend to be your adviser. If they say no, stand outside of their house holding up your map until they say yes. (Don’t do that).

Also, “success” is a relative term. You don’t have to find a millionaire just someone who is doing it right by your standards.

b.      A person who will correct you in love: Correction in love means that this person is allowed to evaluate your work from a purely objective perspective and will give you compassionate yet assertive feedback. This relationship will be honest and make you feel vulnerable. Only with love are the two done seamlessly.

3.       Be resourceful: Part of creating anything from scratch is the mastery of resourcefulness—meaning exhaust your own resources before you ask for help. Be devoted to self-help first, and then reach out to people whose strengths are your weaknesses.

Ideas are divine treasure maps with just an X and a few landmarks. Self-doubt, comparing yourself to others and the inevitable mountainous workload can keep you from even trying.

So what if you your competitor has 1K followers for your every 1 follower. So what if the first version of the logo you drew looks like a third-grade art project.

Disregarding a bright idea is like throwing your treasure map into a fire because you’re intimidated by deciding whether you’re going to walk, take a train, drive yourself or have someone pick you up. There’s more than one way to get anywhere, you just have to start.

Ideas are the universe telling you secrets from your future—but that magic only works if you get out of bed for them.


Ashley JohnsonComment