4 Ways to Turn a Men's Shirt into a Statement!

Beyond our service to the everyday woman, Fort Lily serves to relieve the pressure on the overabundance of clothing already in the world by reusing, re-purposing, or re-fashioning pieces we can purchase second hand! Every time we shoot we use secondhand items.

The November re-stock included tons of prints, colors and textures, so we clung to the clean lines of men’s slacks and button ups, along with some deep neutral colors to highlight this season’s outerwear.

Inspired by this popular YouTube video on men's re-fashioning, we free-styled some looks for our site to bring a little feminine touch to the pieces.

When you try these styles, to keep your looks clean, just roll the collar into the shirt or pin up the bottoms of the sleeves so they don’t look so “sleevy” If you refashion a top, tag us on Instagram! We’d love to see how you rework this style.


Most of these styles start by opening up your shirt, wrapping them under your arms and starting your buttoning process about three buttons down the shirt to close them over your bust. That’s how the "Bunny Bow" works. Wrap the sleeves empire style under your bust, and tie (no knots). Fluff the sleeves, tuck the ends, and pin to the top. The Bunny Bow is our definitely our fav look.


Whip your shirt around so that the buttons are in the back and button it down. Tie your sleeves off to the side for a beautiful draping effect. You can tuck and pin the sleeves like the Bunny Bow to tidy up the look.


Start your Classic Bow top off the way you would the Bunny Bow top, but reverse the top so that the buttons are in the back. Tie the sleeves around to the front, fold the arm portions into a bow shape and pin them in place. Fluff out the knot in the middle roll out! Can you imagine this top in the spring with denim shorts! 


Again, whip that shirt around to face the back. Button down. Leave the collar unfolded for a little edge and bunch the front of the shirt so that the folds add a little character. In the back, tie your sleeves into a long bunny bow and pin.

Ashley JohnsonComment