Join Us for the Fort Lily Season 2 Release Event!

Our Promotional Shoot

Instead of placing pro models in our style stories, we make pro models out of our friends. Because when we say we are strengthened by you, "SHE," we mean it. 26-year-old MFA grad student Bailey Pittenger's response, when asked to wade on a chair in the middle of a pond for our promotional shoot, was "OMG YES OF COURSE," and it gave us all the feels.

Whether you're dolled up for a date, or dressed down after work, we think you're just enough, and that's why what we're building is tailored to you.

So who is "SHE?" She's anyone. She's you, she's your manicurist, she's your gyno, SHE. IS. literally every woman who's bold enough to stand and be counted alongside other SHEs.

Event Details

  • Grab a lookbook! - Season 1 featured a digital lookbook with over 25 pages of inspirational quotes and models rockin' some of our favorite pieces. This year you'll get to grab a copy of our uniquely-printed lookbook for yourselves! We'll also be featuring our look models in a really special way...
  • Catch the Runway Show! - You'll get to see Season 2 goodies hit the runway in a mini showcase! Brand founder Ashley Johnson will then give away a prize box featuring some of her favorite things to one lucky event-goer! *whispers* the case is worth over $500 in value...
  • Throw your coins at the Pop-Up Shop! - Not only will you be able to flip through the Season 2 goodies in print and catch a show, you'll be able to shop in our closet-style pop-up shop featuring Fort Lily pieces from both Seasons!

Did we mention that this is happening in one of the finest art galleries in Winston-Salem?!

And guess what! We haven't even told you everything!