Every woman is extraordinarily normal. We all can love, we all can create; We eat, we laugh, we feel, we get desperate, we get misunderstood, we have ideas, we crave, we celebrate triumphs, we fall—but our beauty is manifested in our resiliency.

One of the attributes I best remember about my Grandma Lily was that she believed in me so selflessly. She valued my ideas, celebrated even my tiniest accomplishments and always nurtured different aspects of myself I didn’t have much confidence in. It is my sincerest passion to rally behind other women in that same way—whether they’re at the top of their game or struggling to find a path. Selfless support really works.

A Fort is a stronghold—a safe place. We’re not just producing a product, but cultivating the idea that competition is divisive and collaboration is progressive. Each Fort Lily season is the product of a fun and creative collaboration with other excellent women who are strong, hardworking and creative. Our digital products will always feature a range of gifted women from matriarchs to educators; because it’s important that real women, everyday women, are represented in everything we do. 

A woman doesn’t have to have a million likes or her name in lights to be an extraordinary woman, and she doesn’t have to break her bank to have a wardrobe that reinforces her character. We can be normal, we can be ourselves, we can be fierce and we can be extra-ordinary. And all of that is okay.

I made this for you,

Ashley Johnson, Founder