Don't tell the other girls in this shop, but Mulan is our favorite. Her toasted fall colors and patterns change effortlessly with the cold weather seasons. She's plenty warm, nice and thick, and pockets deep enough to keep all the heart's you'll break when your friends find out there isn't another one.


Model is 5’9, size 4, 32" bust            

Sizing is best determined by your bust size. See Additional Info for this garment's details.

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Item Number:    66
Category:    Coat
Item Name:    Mulan
Weight:    2lb, 15.4oz
Brand of Origin:    P.L.Greene
Size Inside Garment (we stock across all time periods; size may not be true):    Medium
Bust Length (Inches "):    46.5
Waist Length (Inches "):    46.5
Sleeve (inches "):    23.5
Shoulder (Inches "):    21
Length (Inches "):    47.5
Material Makeup:    Unavailable
Material Makeup (Exterior) :    Unavailable
Material Makeup (Interior):    Unavailable
Made In:    USA
Color:    Rust/Red/Forest Green/Black/Purple
Color (Exterior):     
(Color (Interior/lining):     
Distinctive Pattern Type:    Aztec
All pockets intact? (Yes, No):    Yes
Care instructions inside? (Yes, No):    No
Buttons:    4
Buttons for closing garment:    4
Shoulder Pads (Yes, No):    No
Cleaning Needed? (Yes, No):    No
Repairs Needed? (Yes, No):    No
Some lining pulling (Yes, No):    No
Additional notes:     No lining