We may not know your body type, but we can give you as much information as possible to help you determine your right fit. 

Since all inventory is re-shopped from a broad range of time periods, Fort Lily does not maintain a brand-specific sizing guide. Here's how to read our product descriptions!

The best way to know if one of our products is the right fit is to know your own measurements as certain pieces are more forgiving for some body types than others. The models in the below graphic are all wearing the same piece, but with different body types creating different fits that look great!


Our extremely detailed Product Descriptions give you as much information as possible so you can determine whether the item you love is the one for you.

Product descriptions are written based on the availability of information for each piece. Fort Lily details an item based on the following on 27 identifying variables. If the field is blank, it simply means the information for that piece was unavailable at the time of processing.

Item Name: Nick name of the piece

Category: Item type (eg. vest, coat, knit etc.)

Weight: Garment weight

Brand of Origin: Name of original brand 

Size Inside Garment: If there is a size inside the garment it will be detailed here. Garment manufactured in different decades could have sizes that are no longer true to that size for today. For example, a 10 in the 70's will fit up to a 14/16 depending on the fabric. The BEST way to know your size is via precise measurement. We suggest the BUST SIZE of your best-fitting bra; Add two inches to your bra inch number for best fit. Remember, you may be wearing extra layers in the colder months so you'll need a slightly larger size than your usual fit.

All measurements are taken with the garment fully closed and rounded to the nearest half inch. Note: inch measurements are the limits of the size of the garment. If you measure beyond those inches, the garment will have a tighter fit.

Bust Length (Inches ") Measured from armpit to armpit then doubled for circumference. Think bra size. Please note: most garments have a 40+" width.

Waist Length (Inches ") Measured from waistline to waistline then doubled for circumference

Sleeve (inches ") Measured from the hem of the shoulder to the bottom of the sleeve

Shoulder (Inches ") Measured at the back from shoulder hem to shoulder hem

Length (Inches ") Measured from the hemline at the back of the collar to the very bottom

Material Makeup: Fabric percentages. If only this field is filled then the item did not detail whether the material applied to interior or exterior. We don't like to take guesses but will, in rare cases, suggest a fabric type.

Material Makeup (Exterior) Exterior fabric percentages

Material Makeup (Interior) Interior percentages

Made In: Country of assembly.

Color: Main color scheme.

Color (Exterior) Exterior Color

(Color (Interior/lining) Interior color (coats with satin-like interiors will have a darker appearance due to makeup.

Distinctive Pattern Type:  Garment pattern details (Plaid, herringbone etc).

All pockets intact? (Yes, No) Evaluates whether or not there are holes in the pocket. We do not stock garments without all pockets being fully functional.

Care instructions inside? (Yes, No) Regardless of whether or not the garment has care instructions, Fort Lily suggests all pieces be professionally cleaned for best results.

Buttons: Number of buttons, not including sleeve or shoulders, only frontal. (Count may include decorative buttons as well).

Buttons for closing garment: Buttons necessary for closing the garment. (Excludes all non-decorative buttons).

Shoulder Pads (Yes, No) 

Cleaning Needed? (Yes, No) Sometimes Fort Lily will clean the item before stocking. If cleaning needed is slight, it will be listed as a YES and detailed in the “Additional Notes” section.

Repairs Needed? (Yes, No) Sometimes, Fort Lily will repair the item before stocking. If repairs are needed, it will be listed as a YES and detailed in the “Additional Notes” section. We do not stock items in need of significant repairs.

Some lining pulling (Yes, No) Sometimes, older garments will have a lining made of a satin-like, viscose or "silk-like" material that can “run”—like a pair of stockings for example. Fort Lily does NOT list items with significant lining stripping.

Additional notes: Anything not detailed above will be detailed here including additional information regarding the product, how it’s made, damages, repairs or cleanings needed/performed and anything else to effectively inform your purchase. If you find something on your garment not detailed we will be happy to review that item with you.


*** Fort Lily curates a seasonal collection of goodies for every unique curve and we believe every body type is worthy of an excellent piece. However, we choose the best products regardless of size during our shopping process. This could mean that an entire season could be devoid of your exact size, though not intentionally.